So you’re nearly ready to submit your audition video to Startoon, but you have a question. No problem! Check out our FAQs below.

If you still can’t find the answer, email us at info@startoon.ca. so we can answer it.

Submission Guidelines

We want to see your character do something – whether it’s waving hello, doing a dance, or picking its nose! We don’t need perfection for your audition; all we need to see is that you have a character and that he/she/it can move. Submit something up to 30 seconds long that communicates who your character is. Don’t sweat the animation, don’t worry about polishing it – just show us your idea. Keep it simple, don’t overthink it, and do whatever you can with the tools you’ve got.

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Can I upload more than one Submission Video?

YES! Just not for the same character. One video per character. But each creator can submit more than one character.

Can we enter as a group or a studio instead of an individual?

Yes! Studios: we need to discuss with you directly, so email us at info@startoon.ca if you need more information on this urgently (but the principle of creators retaining rights ownership will remain in place). Groups: you can submit as a group, but pick a point person for the submissions.

What if my idea is a duo?

We want you to focus on your core characters – one or two at most. Let’s concentrate on perfecting the idea of who your key character is, and we can work on the rest of the cast later.

I’m just an amateur animator – is there any point in submitting?

Of course there’s a point! There is no downside to auditioning. Whether you win or not, Startoon is a platform for you to share your work – and we’ll get eyeballs on it! Creators can come from anywhere and part of the reason we’re doing this is to find creators who wouldn’t normally be in a position to get their ideas in front of broadcasters and financiers.

Who are the judges?

The judging panel will consist of industry pros, some from the broadcast sector, some from the creative. We're trying to keep it balanced to find the best overall character!

If I move forward to the Challenge rounds, will the length of the videos in those rounds increase? I have a full-time job and don’t know if I have time to participate.

We're keeping in mind that this is something the majority of creators will be doing in their spare time, so while we are hoping to see some degree of improvement to the animation over time, we're not judging the idea around that criteria specifically.

Our challenges are doable for the creator at home and we don't anticipate going beyond 30 seconds per clip. Part of what we want to see is how a creator responds to the challenge, in terms of dealing strategically with the time/labour constraint.

What happens if the creator runs out of steam or an emergency occurs and he/she cannot meet the deadlines for the Challenge rounds?

Unfortunately, the deadlines are there for a reason. Your best option here would be to upload whatever you have by the deadline, even if it's not complete. We're looking for potential, not perfection.

Will the winning creator have access to some of the prize money while working on the short/pilot to pay him/herself?

We'll work with the winning creator to allocate funds based on roles. We want to make sure every dollar is going on screen, so we won't be pulling producer fees out of it. Money will go to actors and the various roles that need to be filled in order to make the cartoon, and in many cases, creators want to fill a few of those roles him/herself - so some of that money would be going to the creator.

What will be contractually required of the winning creator in the one year timeline after the competition?

The winner will enter into an exclusive option period of one year following the completion of the contest, during which we will have the exclusive right to further develop the character and concept with the creator and to present the concept to potential financiers for further investment - all on terms to be agreed in good faith. If we don't agree to terms for the further development or exploitation of the character by the end of that year, the rights revert to the creator.

I’m not Canadian. Are you SURE I can’t enter?

Yes, we’re sure – and like true Canadians, we’re very sorry about it! If all goes well, it’s in the Big Future Plan for Startoon to grow internationally so you’ll get a chance to participate.

a) What about if I’m Canadian but don’t live in Canada?

Yes – you can participate!

b) What about if I’m not Canadian but I live in Canada?

If you’re a landed immigrant or permanent resident (you would have a special card from the government if you are), yes, you can!

*Startoon reserves the right to make changes to these responses without notice. Any responses are not contractually binding.

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