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Startoon is an online talent show for cartoon characters!

Every week on Youtube, our sometimes animated (but mostly a puppet) host, Francisco, accompanied by his best pal (who happens to be a person, and our producer), Kim, release crazy videos that include terrible crafts, awesome music videos, and really awful (hilarious) jokes. They’ll also share the new cartoons that get submitted in the talent show, and host the big judging episodes where kids at home get a say in what ideas make it through each challenge round. And then, after tons of that: we pick a winner! A winning cartoon character gets a deal worth 25 thousand bucks to be developed into a TV show!

Kids vote on cartoons by hitting our click to clap button as many times as they can. It’s the least scientific way we could think of to show support for your favourite character. Voting happens on www.startoon.ca, and you can track your score on our high scores page. We might even give out prizes for our top clappers! So when you see a cartoon you like, you sign up and start clapping. And if you clap enough, your favourite might get a shot at the prize! You actually get to help pick what could become the next big hit cartoon. Which is awesome.

If you’ve got any questions, you ask them here: info@startoon.ca