Hey Startooners,

The first round of voting was a huge success - thanks to all of YOU! Our amazing cartoon auditions received over 1 MILLION CLAPS on startoon.ca!!! WHAT!? Those claps have been well deserved as these cartoons are AWESOME! If you missed out you can watch them all here.

Unfortunately we can only take 20 cartoons into the next round. The judges had a tough time making their decisions! The competitors moving on to the next round are:

ALIA AND VERO - Kyra Groening
CASEY AND MAX - Max Piersig
HAZAN - Thought Cafe
GIGI - Nikko Ronsayro
HARRY AND SHELLY - Charlie Richards
LIONEL - Tarun Padmakumar
LENORE - Haley Rose, Emily Kyte and Rae Szereszewski
LUMBER JACK - Jonathan Coit
MAX - Ali Kellner
OSCAR AND DINGUS - Brandon Lepine
PANDACAT - Alexis Rondeau, Pascale Beaulieu
PHIL IN SPACE - Fred and Rob Letendre-Cyr
SIR STRAWBERRY - Julien Capati
STANLEY - Bijan Shahir
TEEKAY AND FRISKY - Bradley Weaver
THE STRANGEST NEVILLE - Suren Perera, Thomas Duncan-Watt
YEN AND YAK - Sean Branigan, Matthew Jacob
WILLA - James Roney and John Roney

Wildcard Winner:
FREAKO - Alex Martens

Congrats! We can't wait to see how these characters handle the next challenge! The next voting round starts on July 17th, but in the meantime make sure you head over to Francisco and Kim's youtube channel and watch some of their wacky videos!

Stay tooned, startooners!

-Startoon Team