Just a quick recap - we've had 4 bigwig, fancy-schmancy judges cast their votes, and the 5th vote came from YOU, dear startooners! Your claps for your favourite cartoon counted as the final vote.

We just finished our finale LIVE from the Toronto YouTube Space (if you missed it you can watch the recording on our homepage) and the results are in. The judges have spoken. The winning cartoon has been selected.

AAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!! THIS IS SUPER EXCITING!!!!! #justpeedalittle

And the winner is... PEPPER AND MONTEREY!

Congrats to "Pepper and Monterey" creator Ryan MacNeil! He'll be receiving a $25,000 development deal to help turn this dynamic animated duo into a tv series!!!!

A huge thank you goes out to all you wonderful Startooners out there for all your views, claps, and overall stellar support. Blah blah, sentimental stuff, couldn't do it without you, blah blah. #imnotcryingYOUare

We'll be taking a little hiatus and a much deserved vacation, but STAY TOONED, everybody! You can still watch all our wacky videos here at and on our YouTube channel.

Love, peace and elbow grease,

The Startoon Team