'Harry and Shelly'

by Charlie Richards

Harry O’Hare is a gruff no-nonsense terrapin who prefers peace, quiet, and pineapples on pizza. Shelly Tuttle is a rambunctious rookie rabbit with boundless enthusiasm and a thirst for adventure. Even though they have totally different personalities, Harry and Shelly have become best friends and always help each other out of difficult dilemmas. Together, the dynamic duo travels across the known universe. Their mission: To deliver pizza in 11 space minutes or less.

Being a pizzanaut can be a lot of fun, but it’s also dangerous work. Shelly and Harry often have to battle asteroids, rude customers, interstellar traffic jams, and a band of space pirates known as the Dine and Dashers.

Watch the first three Harry and Shelly videos below! Also, feel free to visit my blog if you feel so inclined.

Harry and Shelly Submission Video

Harry and Shelly Interview Video

Harry and Shelly Face Their Fears

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